Investing responsibly in the sustainable development of Latin America and the Caribbean

CIFI AM is a committed agent of progress in emerging markets of the Americas. We make capitalism more sustainable, one project at a time. By guiding our clients to engage with communities in a participative way, we create respect for the views of all parties and garner a deeper cultural understanding of those we seek to serve. Through fostering sustainable development in the region, we supply critical services like clean energy and sustained employment, allowing communities to thrive.

Our placements focus on long term investments that actualize infrastructure projects. This results in more resilient ecosystems, an improved quality of life for inhabitants and added value for our investors.

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ESG is essential to CIFI AM’s investment process

As leaders in middle market infrastructure, transparency and accountability are intrinsic to our core beliefs. While embedded in the success of the present, our point of convergence is the future, and creating positive long term outcomes at every touchpoint.

Environmental, Social and Governance standards are built into CIFI’s investment process: 

  • The International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability

  • The Equator Principles

  • The Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines of the World Bank

  • Principles for Responsible Investment

Key steps in our delivery

We’ve developed comprehensive steps in our process that lead to outcomes aligned with our values and commitment to our investors.

Through a four-step process, we:

1.   Perform a comprehensive ESG risk assessment for every loan;

2.   Propose mitigation strategies to minimize ESG risks and impacts;

3.   Guide our clients throughout their implementation; and

4.   Maximize positive environmental and social outcomes


The CIFI AM ESG team

  • Our expert team consists of versatile and seasoned ESG professionals with a track record in working with intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and research agencies on megaprojects in infrastructure

  • We assess environmental, social and governance risks, propose mitigation strategies, and monitor their implementation throughout the life of the loan, using data-driven decision-making processes throughout the evaluation of each project

CIFI AM assessments include a broad spectrum of risks and impacts, including:

  • Local and international regulations

  • Labor and working conditions

  • Resource efficiency and pollution prevention

  • Community health, safety and security

  • Land acquisition and involuntary resettlement

  • Biodiversity conservation

  • Stakeholder engagement, including Indigenous consultation

  • Cultural heritage

  • Climate Change

  • Gender equality

  • Human rights

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